Improving livelihood options

LivelihoodIn order to improve the quality of life it is most crucial to support individuals and families in bettering their livelihood options.   Kalanjiyam’s main objective is to identify areas for skill training, particular for young people, mobilize resource and organize skill training programs and provides support for placement wherever possible.

We have provided youth with economic need from our villages, training for driving and helped youth to secure driving license.  The majority of these men were able to find suitable employment following this and able to improve their families economic condition.   We also provide support to local youth run enterprises by employing them to produce materials, such as tables and benches, for the local village schools.

Kalanjiyam also provides support in full or partial amount to individuals, based on need, for starting small enterprises.  The unique aspect of this program is that all those who were supported in the ventures are motivated to put a portion of the recovered costs back to some community development initiatives.  There is a special emphasis in these efforts to focus on those families in need and individuals with special needs.



We have provided a number of disabled men and women with powered tailoring machines to support them in improving their families’ livelihood.  These individuals in turn have provided training to other young women in our villages.  We also motivate our own staff and village community members to support these individuals by giving them work.