Improving Quality of Education

Quality of Education

About 70% of the population in Tamil Nadu state currently lives in rural areas and while the state has made significant strides in improving primary education, school drop outs are a concern in government secondary and high schools across the state.
Kalanjiyam works with 13 Panchayat Union Schools to strengthen the quality of education through community driven process that actively engages key community stakeholders such as Panchayat elected leaders, School officials, local administrative officers, parents and others. To provide support to the local Panchayat schools and provide an all rounded education the following programs have been implemented

Promote and strengthen primary education

Kalanjiyam programs focus on building a strong foundation during the primary education years by instilling in children an interest to learn, making families understand the importance of education and supporting local education institutions for imparting quality education.

Prevent school dropouts

It is our goal in the next five years to ensure that all children in our adopted villages complete higher secondary education.
A door to door assessment is conducted at the beginning of each year to identify eligible children and enroll them in school. We then work with primary schools to ensure that the children enrolled, stay in school to complete primary school education. We then work with parents, and primary schools to enroll them in higher secondary school.   A free school van service is provided for middle school children. Parents are actively engaged in their children’s education, so they can encourage their children and support them to  complete high school and progress to college education.

Healthy school environment where learning can happen

Every primary school is provided with tables, benches and mats for seating. Fans, lighting and other facilities are provided in class rooms. We provide note books, uniforms, school bags for school children and also pay fees for children from poor families. School ID cards with photo are issued to all students in adopted schools, with information that includes their blood group.

Support local school staff

Our field staff that belong to the local village is placed at each school to help the Head Master, teachers and our village committee members with planning and  improving the environment and quality of education. We have also provided facilities like drinking water and functioning toilets with help from our partners for convenience of students and teachers.

Educational Aid

Scholarships are given to students who secure over 80% marks in 10th standard board exams. Special classes are organized and supplemental nutrition provided to children in local high schools at the time of preparation for 10th standard board exam every year.
Education aid is provided to students from needy families for completing schooling and pursuing higher education, college or other professional courses.

Promote extracurricular activities

In addition to regular school work we support development of extracurricular like music, drawing (art) and yoga to nurture creativity in children. and organize sports activities and physical education for children. We have also equipped schools with computers and provide computer education free of cost for all classes.

Provide basic Health care

Medical and dental camps are setup annually with free health checkups.  Basic health care/first aid kits are provided to local health sub centers and local schools.  Health cards have been issued to children in 6 schools (for about 300 children) to get medical care from a health care practitioner in local town free of cost.