Education Programs

Kalanjiyam’s education program includes the following components

  • Improving the local village school environment by providing tables, benches and mats for seating in class rooms
  • Providing electrical wiring where required, fans and lighting for class rooms
  • Providing note books, uniforms, school bags for school children
  • Supporting school fees of children from poor families
  • Equipping schools with computers and providing computer education for all classes
  • Equipping all adopted schools with comprehensive sports and encouraging physical education for children
  • Providing music and drawing teachers to exposure children to arts education and widen their perspective
  • Providing supplemental nutrition for children: weekly fruits, nutritious mixture and vegetables to noon meal
  • Conduct health and dental camps for students annually
  • Improve local health sub centers for children to access for basic medical care / first aid
  • Provide first aid kits to all adopted schools
  • School ID cards with photo for all students in adopted schools, with their blood group
  • Ensuring sanitation in village school toilets by appointing persons to clean and maintain them
  • Provide school van facility for children from nine villages to travel to nearest school
  • Health cards to children for them to get medical care for illness from a health care practitioner in local town, free of cost