OUR Vision

Kalanjiyam envisions an energized and empowered community, that can take part in its own development, is able to mobilize and organize itself and take actions to ensure quality education, improved health and overall well-being of all its members


Kalanjiyam was founded in 2006 with the vision of developing a community development model where  the core guiding principle is the involvement and ownership of the community in the process of development.


Kalanjiyam enroll and train young men and women from local villages to implement the programs. Being local village members, they have a greater stake in their community’s  development and are more effectively able to enlist and mobilize local communities.


Finished Projects

Let The Numbers Speak

174School Projects
299Skill Development
150Bioscope Programs
1100Health Programs


Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust

Tamilnadu Foundation

American Association for Social Advancement of India (AASAI)

Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation (KKSF)

Share and Care Foundation

Ford Motor Company Private Ltd.

Rotary Club of Madras South

Global Giving Foundation

Latha Geetha Foundation

Suchel Enterprises