Community Leader and Ward Member – Vellikkadu V. Elumalai

Vellikkadu V. Elumalai, is a community leader from Periya Vellikkadu village in Lattur Block; he has been bestowed the President’s Award for his efforts to make his village into a model village.

‘Our villages need to become our model communities; we need to   stay  in  our  villages   and   take   part   in  their happiness and  sadness  and provide them with education and information to develop their knowledge and awareness, this was the wish of Mahatma Gandhi.‘

‘There  are  many  NGOs  working;  but  our  Kalanjiyam Trust stands apart from these.  The reason that their work is unique is  their  approach  is  to do service to the village communities.  The work that they have chosen is among most indispensable and most needed for our village communities – to facilitate good quality education and good health; towards these the service they have been doing is beyond words.’

Kalanjiyam has not only provided our class rooms with computers, but the facilities to conduct these classes by setting up tables and chairs, and a computer teacher.

They have also provided students in all our classes tables and benches so that they can sit comfortably in class.

They are providing drawing, Yoga and Musical classes for our children.

Free health care check up facilities for our children

Play materials in the schools for physical activity

Notebooks, color pencils, Color TV for our audio visual classes

Lights and fans in class rooms, electronic bell, slipper stand to encourage our children to wear slippers daily

English Tamil Dictionaries and world atlases for our children,

A woman to clean and maintain the toilets in our school

School ID cards for our students and health card so that students can get free health care

‘I have seen the work of many NGOs and interacted with them; Kalanjiyam and its members have touched me, our villages by their tireless service without expecting anything in return and continue to pursue the most challenging issues we face.’

‘Besides the services, Kalanjiyam village committee and staff also monitor to sure that whatever they do in education and health is reaching the children and village communities’.  ‘For the service I thank one and all at Kalanjiyam and wish them the very best for their continued service.’