Program for early childhood development

Early childhood is a critical period in a child’s development.  Implementing and monitoring the educational programs brought home the importance of addressing early childhood development issues to give them a head start to a bright future.

Our programs focus on creating awareness of preventable causes such as good nutrition, prenatal care and post natal care. in Educating families and communities to protect health of children at an early age to prevent diseases and disabilities is a vital step towards a long term commitment to early childhood development.

Kalanjiyam works to improve nutritional health status in children by providing supplements since poor nutrition in early childhood can lead to poor motor skills, different forms of mental retardation, poor hearing and eyesight, anemia, and poor mental capabilities.  which is often seen in rural areas where we work.

We create an enabling environment for enhanced learning and education, for lack of proper education during the preschool years can also be a cause for poor mental development and performance and inability to perform in subsequent years. Parents, extended families and communities are actively involved in the preschool program, to educate on the needs of children and  as well as the healthy environment needed to build a solid foundation for the future.