Zameen Endathur Panchayat Leader – K.Sasikumar

‘There are three villages in our Panchayat: Ozhavetti, Maruvalam and Zameen Endathur; in each there is a primary school and a high school in Zameen Endathur village.  The image of the schools in our village was not very good before this year.

Since this Kalanjiyam started working in our school it has truly been a boon for our villages.   I am humbled to say that this project has done what we as Panchayat Leader and Chairman of Maduranthakam Bock have not been able to do so far.  My schools were really lacking many of the basic facilities. These needs were not full-filled by us, but by Kalanjiyam Trust.  We learned from them how a school should be.’

‘The primary school children in our villages are learning computers and yoga, this is a significant change.  We have constructed a toilet facility and provided for ample water through a bore well.  These are the things, a very basic need for our school for children and teachers which we never imagined we could do so fast. The teachers are so very thankful for these efforts.  In studies too there are a lot of changes; there is more exposure and interactions for children and this is really having an impact on them.  They are becoming very active and developing an interest in studying.  The teachers are very respectful and providing a lot of cooperation and have very high regard for Kalanjiyam.’


There is a 100% change since last year in enrollment; there is no problem in any of our schools this year, from discipline to regularity to school.  Kalanjiyam has done what the government is not able to do, since the project involves regular follow and monitoring.  There is a definite change in the environment and this is visible to us.  The slipper stand which we could not buy is a good example.  Seeing this outside class the children are compelled to wear slippers to school; we see this as a big change in their attitudes; the little children are learning that they should place their slippers neatly in the stand and enter the school. Similarly, the storage of water, each school is provided a container which instills the importance of storing water in a clean container and on hygiene issues.  We have seen these as unexpected changes.’

Involvement of Panchayat leader

‘We have increased our involvement in the school since Kalanjiyam started working with us.  If we as Panchayat official and village community are doing 5% the project is doing 95%.  In fact whatever the project has done, we Panchayat leader get the credit.  Kalanjiyam team follows up with us, coordinates and facilitates the efforts very nicely.   Our primary schools are developing really well.  Our strength in each school has increased.  The school is getting a good name especially in terms of the quality of the education being imparted and this is the feedback from parents.  Parents are able to see the change in the school and they are happy to send their children to these schools as they would to a convent school.’