Our Founder

Munusamy Raviraaj, a social worker and communicator, for the last 20 years, started his career as a School Administrator in Madurai.  His inclination into social work came naturally to him when he was only in his early 20s;

at this time he started writing socially minded scripts for plays and became a creative director for local youth theater group.  His interest in working with children, brought him to work with a Matriculation school, where he served as Administer and Manager and was largely responsible for increasing enrollment and making the school into a high school.
Between 1990  and 2006 Munusamy Raviraaj started working with NGOs in Tamil Nadu at the fore front of the growing HIV/ AIDS epidemic, coordinating and developing interventions addressing prevention, care and support across the State.

During this time he was also a core member creating information education and communication materials for mass awareness on a range of health and social issues including, education, child rights, child nutrition, TB, general health and hygiene.  

In 2006, Mr. Raviraaj with some like minded individuals, having a vision to develop a sustainable model of rural community driven development, founded Kalanjiyam Trust, an organization dedicated to improving lives of children, young people and their families.  His vision was to ensure that the future generations, the children and youth, get quality education and opportunities for skill development, so that they can become the key drivers for brining about community development in the long term.

Munusamy Raviraaj also provides expert consultations to other NGOs in Tamil Nadu, for conducting programs with young people, child rights and other development issues. He is also an excellent trainer, has presented at many national and international forums and has authored a number of articles on education, nutrition and HIV / AIDS published in National Magazines.