Education programs

Over the last three years, Kalanjiyam has been working with Panchayat Union Schools in our villages with the view to strengthen the quality of education and ultimately increase the proportion of students who successfully complete their schooling till higher secondary.

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Health and Hygiene Programs

Kalanjiyam has been implementing a number of programs to promote health and well-being among the communities we serve.  These include working on health of children in the schools, women and children in local communities and other specific target groups.  We have taken up children’s health in school and community, by providing access to health care, providing nutrition supplementation in schools, providing first aid boxes for all our adopted schools, providing health education for adopting healthy behaviors and conducting yoga classes in school.

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Youth programs

To promote youth development, Kalanjiyam Trust created several programs to provide them with information and resources to improve livelihood options

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Bringing communities together

Various special activities, such as meetings, awareness campaigns, workshops etc are conducted at the Kalanjiyam community training center for mobilizing the village communities.  The programs conducted have different target audience ranging from young children, to adolescents and youth, senior citizens, self help groups, disabled and engage the entire village community at various levels.

Continuous Feedback

We routinely conduct assessments in order to plan and monitor our programs. The results from the assessment both drive and continuously feed into making our programs better and more effective each time