Global Giving Projects

We are partnering with Global Giving to fund two projects that need your support. Donations to Kalanjiyam can also be made through Global Giving Foundation.

Health and Sanitation

In India rural children face challenges to achieve educational success, with over 50% of students unable to complete schooling through high school. Our project's strategy is to change this situation by strengthening the rural classroom and quality of education for the students. The project aims to ensure that rural children get the required support and inputs for increasing school success.

To donate to this effort please click here. You will be redirected to the Global Giving page.

Toilets and Water for schools

Having toilets and water is a basic necessity in schools, however it is not available in many rural schools in Indai! Due to this, children are irregular to school and eventually drop out. This project will help to build in toilets and maintain them, provide running and clean drinking water for school children in rural schools in Tamil Nadu! The expected impact of the project is better health and improved school attendance and reduction is school drop outs among the project villages.

To donate to this effort, please click here. You will be redirected to the Global Giving page.

Donations to Kalanjiyam programs are tax deductible in India.

In the US, tax deductible donations can be sent to AASAI (American Association for Social Advancement of India). 100% of contributions will be sent to Kalanjiyam! You can find more information at