Bioscope Program

As part of our vision to bring about a society where future generations are healthy, haveattained educational success and are able to make informed decisions in their lives, we conductprograms for Informing and educating families and communities about maternal health, for webelieve that this is a key to having a healthier future generation of children.

Our village communities are still lacking access on some basic and correct information on thehealth issues affecting them. Even today, nearly 2 lakhs children born (out of 12 lakhs birthsevery year) in Tamil Nadu are born low birth weight and with compromised health. We believethat concerted and innovative efforts to fill this gap at the local level can strengthen ruralcommunities for improving knowledge and awareness, improving quality of life and pave theway for healthier future generations.

To address these gaps we conduct Bioscope or village level awareness programs and inform ourcommunities the key messages on maternal and child health for improving outcomes ofpregnancy and early childhood development. For these programs Kalanjiyam team goes fromvillage to village and using equipments such as LCD projector and big screen we projectinformative video documentaries. Kalanjiyam produced materials such as Thaimei 1 and 2, Atime to think now on Vitamin A among others, are used during these programs for creatingawareness.