About Thaimei -2

I received a copy of the 'Thaaimai' VCD. I am expecting my first baby in mid-April. The CDs were very informative. I hope to use the tips and suggestions provided to raise my child.

I would like to thank and appreciate you for the efforts that you are making to contribute to the society. I am sure, many mothers like myself, will benefit from the service that you are providing.

Keep up the good work! :)

Nandini Krishna Kumar,

I congratulate you on your efforts to bring out CDs with such a theme. It will help all of us in making tomorrow's citizens into more responsible, mature and understanding individuals.

Maya Abraham,

Wishes to Kalanjiyam Trust and Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust for their service in developing parenting skills.

The "Thaimei" documentary film will be definitely useful for future parents (like us) and present parents. I came across this article in today's 'The Hindu' daily paper.I'm going to be a mother soon in September. I'm really thrilled to be a mother. so this Documentary film CD will definitely be helpful for me and my husband. In this busy world, every parent is working like machine to bring up their children with good education, etc..., but  forgot to give the parental care which is the basic necessity to every child. I hope this film would enlighten with what we lost and what we should do.Let your service flourish and reach every necessity people.

Savari Prema Selvam,

As you may be aware of the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development popularly known as NIPCCD, New Delhi, it is an Institute working in the area of Child Development & women Empowerment under the aegis of Ministry of Women & Child Development, GOI. Our organization is engaged in research and training in area of Early Childhood Education.

Today in the Newspaper, I read about the Twin-Cd video developed by your organization.  May I request you to kindly send us a copy of the above-mentioned video-CD for our use in training & research.

Manorama Kaul,
New Delhi.

I had received the next day itself. I had actually sent an email saying I was surprised by the turn around time you people took to deliver the CD that also without any questions & absolutely free of cost. I am really amazed by your service.

Coming to talk of CD, I should that my wife & myself  have got the CD at the right time. We have a son named LAKSH and he is 11 months. The CD is fully informative, there is no where any repetition. The Host in the CDs talks about every day life experience which every parent or a teacher encounters but don't know what to do. But the CDs makes life of the parents so simple.

Also, I would like to have at least 50 CDs to 100 CDs so that myself and my wife can distribute to the needy people, to woman's who are expecting and those who are having kids in the age bracket of 1 - 7 years. Is there any where I can say buy these CDs at a Minimum cost. I would like to my part in changing a part of society for a better future

Kalanjiyam will make a difference to huge no. of people and in turn create socially responsible citizens, which is the need of the hour.

Mukesh Bagrecha,

Greetings from TN-FORCES

Thanks for sending the Thaimei video two parts. it is very informative. useful for the awareness programme.  Definitely We will show the Adolescent girls and Pregnant and Lactating mothers programme.


Dear Sir, I have received your 2 CDs and thank you very much for the same. I appreciate your immediate response. I have also received one copy of "Padhivugal" along with it. I viewed the CDs and very much impressed with its contents and execution.It is really an eye opener to new mothers. Wish you success in your every future endeavour.

P Jayandaran,

I received a twin VCD of Thaimei-Part-I and Part-II, along with the copy of Pathivugal-3 on yesterday. I noted the contents therein with thanks.

I  went thro’ the Twin VCD in which Part-I by  Smt.KAMALA  SELVARAJ’s participation and talks on Pre natal care for the pregnant  mothers in the 3 trimester period is noteworthy and in a very kind manner. Especially the news on the seriousness of taking food/giving food when the delivery pain occurs and which leads to danger for the child as well as mother. During the final stage of 8 to 9 months care to be taken to move the mother with great care to the nearest PH centre, eventhough the care to be taken to approach the highly equipped/fully fledged clinic to be available within a short distance so that if any case, be serious, in case of emergency, mother may possibly to get the safe delivery.

Very well informative and explanatory to the pre natal treatment and care and the instruction to the family members to take care of the mother during the trimester stages.

Second VCD-Part-II by Smt.LATHA MAGESHWARI, M.A.M.Sc., Psychologist & Asst Professor is noteworthy and well narrated in a novel way. Beautiful explanation with the different forms of body languages for each year from 1st to 5th age. The step by step process of feeding milk with a motherly touch during First year, so that the child gets the love and bonding with the mother. During 2nd year introducing the suitable toys like Tanjore Toys so the creativity starts.3rd year thro’ the walking we may introduce the bi cycle which is used for office purpose and other information so that the child learns in more ways. Telling the stories with different sounds of birds, hence the child experiences the different types of bird’s sound like crows, parrots, maina, squirrels, twitters etc., Allowing the child to sleep for 14 hours during the 4th years and leads to complete development like well matured human beings at the age of 5.

Thanking you for the Thaimei Sequel-Twin VCD.


I had a look on the content and it is very informative and useful for a parents.The way the messages are conveyed is very impressive. I had experience in working in CEE which is in Karaikal for Tsunami Rehabilitation project.

I would suggest that you can distribute this CD's material to libraries in Rural areas where more education is required.


The twin VCD on "Thaimai" brought out by Kalanjiyam Trust is a wonderful educative CD.  The speech of Dr. Kamala Selvaraj and Latha Mangeswari are excellent. This CDs should definitely reach millions of young girls especially the newly wedded couples.  As you have suggested  us to send our feedback / comments, so that you can use this to further improve your efforts in making future materials, I would suggest that you can add the development of foetus from 1st week of pregnancy to delivery, in CD 1, in between the three trimesters.

Thanks a lot for sending this CDs and I will circulate this CDs to the expectant mothers in our circle.

S. K. Subramanian,

Thanks for sending me the twin video CDs on Thaimei. My heartiest congratulations to you for producing such an excellent pair of CDs. We all enjoyed watching the same. They are very interesting, informative and instructive.

In CD 1. Dr Kamala Selvaraj has projected the Dos & Dont's for the pregnant mothers in a very simple way, easily understandable to the rural population. She has put in a lot of efforts to convert the highly technical terms in simple Tamil.  She has made it clear that pregnancy is very happy event for the mother, the child, the father and all family members. It is not an illness per se. Please  permit me to record my appreciation of her efforts in this direction. Dr Kamala Selvaraj has done a wonderful job.

Mrs Latha Mangeshwari's presentation in CD 2 on the psychological aspects of the child development during the 1-5 years is very enjoyable and is full of examples from day to day life. The way she demonstrates how to tell a story to the child - the old woman making vada under the shade of a tree and the crow stealing the vada indicates her extraordinary professional skill. It is good she could also highlight the Child Abuse problem to the attention of the mothers. The recording, the photography and the editing of the twinCDs are very good.

Once again thanks to you and your organisation Kalanjiyam,( which is doing very good work, as seen from the March 2010 Pathivugal issue) for the opportunity given to me in viewing the 2 beautiful CDs

Dr. S.S. Iyer,
New Delhi.