The Team

Kalanjiyam team comprises of a group of passionate and dedicated people from all walks of life, working in our villages to those who work with us from a long distance from Chennai, other parts of India or from abroad. Our Board of Trustees consists of men and women who came together to form Kalanjiyam having a like-minded vision for the development of rural communities and to bring about some impact at the population level.

Kalanjiyam Advisors

Mr. Shreedhar Rajaram- Tamilnadu

Founder, Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust, Tamilnadu, Read More

Ms. Kavita Thirumalai: Epidemiologist, USA

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Kavita has a Master’s degree in Public Health, specializing in Epidemiology. She cares deeply about the underprivileged and plans to work on improving basic health and education for this sector. Her training in public health gives both a grasp of the fundamentals, and also the ability to assess the effectiveness of programs via systematic evaluations and data analysis. Her future goals are to engage with relevant philanthropic ventures, support organizations that have a like minded mission, and to be actively involved in the relevant non-profit community.

Mr. Krishna Bharat: IT Professional, Google, USA

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Krishna has a PhD in Computer Science and is an active member of the technology community in Silicon Valley. He is interested in improving public health and education, by applying technology and scalable solutions to improve the funding, delivery, and monitoring of services. The Kalanjiyam project has helped improve his understanding of the space through contact with the dedicated social workers running the project, and the people in the villages they work with.

Mr. Vishwanathan Gurunathan, Independent Professional, USA

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Mr. Gurunathan was born and brought up in Tamil nadu, completed B.E in Mechanical engineering in College of Engineering,Guindy, (1963)and Masters degreee from IIT Chennai (1965)i. He completed further post graduate degree from McMaster University in Canada (1969). He has worked in positions as Vice President and senior Vice president of two software companies in New Jersey over a period of 20 years, from 1970 until 1990. Currently he is involved in private equity investments and partnerships related to commercial real estate as well as small company equities. In the US he is an active participant in many local developmental efforts. He was a member of Planning board, Paramus, Secretary of community relations council, Paramus and a member of business relations council, Bergen county for 4 years. He has been an active supporter and advisor for Kalanjiyam since its inception. He is also closely working with the Kalanjiyam team to develop a Volunteer In Rural India Program.

Mr. Nagarajan Ramakrishnan, Engineer, USA

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Mr. Ramakrishnan is a socially minded individual and has been involved in various community service activities in USA and India.  He has been a strong supporter and advisor to Kalanjiyam, especially in the areas of administration and fiscal planning.

Mr. Prasad Ramanan, IT Professional and Young Entrepreneur, USA

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Prasad is a young professional in the IT sector who has been a strong supporter of Kalanjiyam since its early days.  He has been very involved in the development of our efforts for improving the quality of education.

Mr. G.S. Vidyashankar Education Consultant, Tamilnadu

Ms. Rajyalakshmi, Advocate, Tamilnadu

Mr. Raja Shanmugathan, Media Professional, Tamilnadu

Village Committee

Kalanjiyam’s Village Committee carries forward and oversees the implementation of all our community development programs. Since our guiding principle was to ensure that any programs of Kalanjiyam be driven by the community, this village committee was formed at the outset, with the idea to develop local leadership and capacity to carry forward development initiatives. Our village committee has men and women, selected from local villages and having their own livelihoods. They are a voluntary team who form the link between Kalanjiyam and the local communities. They were selected based on their social inclination, leadership qualities, commitment to the development of their communities and readiness to dedicate their time voluntarily to implement Kalanjiyam efforts.

Resource Person

V. R. Devika, Managing Trustee, The Aseema Trust, Chennai.

Mr. Velraj, Cinematographer, Chennai.

Mr. Rajan Babu, Advocate, Chennai.

Ms. Latha Maayan, Psychologist, Chennai.

Sugi alias Shanmugasundaram, Architect, Chennai.

Mr. Thaimuthuselvan, Cine Director, Chennai.


Kalanjiyam field staff team comprises of young men and women who were purposefully selected from local villages where Kalanjiyam works. Our intention was to develop a local cadre of young people who could develop themselves through the process of implementation of Kalanjiyam programs, build upon their skills, capacities and leadership abilities and eventually become role models for the local community.

Our field staff members include those who have completed high school (12th standard) and were inclined toward social work and wanting to make a difference in their villages. Our field staff team comprises of a Supervisor, Coordinator, Organizer and other field staff who work in our adopted schools, van drivers, van assistants and a field office watchman.

Accountant - Mr. C. Selvaperumal

Auditor – Mr. Arumugam.


Many of our administrative activities are carried out by a team of professionals who have volunteered their time to Kalanjiyam efforts.  This includes a diverse range of professional who have done writing work, development of our website, to developing audio visual materials for us.

Mr. A.P. Sivanandham, Software Engineer, Chennai.

Mr. P.K. Maayan, Medial professional, Chennai.

Mr. Saranvanan, Book Publishers, Chennai.

Ms. Srinithi Varadarajan, Free lance writer, Madurai.

Ms. Chandni Chellappa, Student, Singapore.

Ms. Aruna Subramaniam, Software Engineer, USA.