Kalanjiyam bulletin July 12 08

Dear Friends,


Greetings from Kalanjiyam!

The launching of van for school children from our villages held at Periya Vellikkadu School on July 11th was a grand success! On this day, Kalanjiyam also started something very new to rural schools: we gave School ID cards to all children in the schools we work in. We also launched a new program to ensure the health of all children in our schools. Each student has now been given a Child Health Card and will now be able to get medical care from a licensed medical practitioner in the nearest town, Pavunjur, for illness or any immediate health problems, free of cost. We believe that health is a right of all children and required to guarantee their bright future! This program will ensure that the children’s health problems are addressed in a timely way and lack of affordability will not be a reason to delay or neglect children’s health. It will also prevent parents from giving the children unnecessary medicines purchased locally. Through this effort we hope to instill better health seeking behavior as well as a bringing greater attention to the health needs of the children in our villages.