Tracking drop outs

Tracking students in 10th and 12th standard

As part of our annual effort to track and monitor drop outs, we conducted surveys in 20 of our villages to assess the outcomes in 10th and 12th standard board exams and further plans that students have. We would like to share here the early findings from these surveys.

Results of 12th standard -

A total 127 students from our villages wrote the 12th exam this year and among these 63% of students have passed. Among the 80 who passed this year, 76% have plans to study further; 18 of these students confirmed that are going to college for a three or four year degree. Among remainder of those who passed, 16 are undecided and three are planning to go for some work. Among the 47 students who failed, the vast majority (36) students are planning to retake the exams, while 5 are planning to work, 5 are undecided, and 1 is getting married.

Results in 10th standard -

In 2009-10 school year 69% of 237 students who took the 10th board exams have passed; this is a considerable improvement in comparison to the passing percentage of 57% in the last school year, from the same 20 villages. The vast majority of these passing students (161 out of 163) are moving on to 11th standard. Of the 74 students who failed, 45 confirmed that they are going to attempt to re-take the 10th exam in June. About 5% of the students said that they were going to work next while 7.6% of students are undecided about what they want to do next.